Carmen Rane Hudson, Freelance Writer


You need words. Lots of words. Enough words to fill the belly of your average Sarlacc. If you’re like many business owners, you’re downright overwhelmed with the sheer number of words that are required to market your business.

These days, it’s not just about out-witting your competition. It’s about out-writing it, too. This can be really overwhelming if you hate to write or just don’t have either the time or the staff to create all the content that you need. After all, here’s what many businesses will need over the course of one year:

  • Two 800+ word keyword-conscious, useful, lively blog posts per week. That’s 83,200 words per year…the equivalent of your average paperback novel.
  • One 300+ word e-mail per week…or 18,2oo words. That’s the equivalent of writing an entire magazine.
  • For a brand new business, 4 to 15 pages of web copy at about 250 to 500 words each…another 7,500 words.
  • Some businesses will require at least one 300 word press release every month…3600 more words.
  • A B2B business may increase sales by offering one 7500 white paper or case study each month…90,000 more words…another full length novel.  There’s also the annual report to consider.
  • Businesses who want to place guest posts, advertorials, or thought-leadership articles in trade journals have even more words to think about.
  • Got an e-commerce site? You’re going to need keyword rich product descriptions for each and every product…100+ words. If you have 1000 products, you need the equivalent of one of those really thick hardback books, 100,000 words.
  • Want a strong social media presence? One Facebook update per weekday every day of the year is another 6500 words. We haven’t even talked about Twitter, LinkedIn, or G+ yet…

Do you really have the time, inclination, or in-house staff to write the equivalent of 3 full length novels and several full-length magazines each and every year? Yes, there really is a content beast out there…and you really have to feed it to compete in today’s marketplace.

Of course, you may have some questions. I’ll be happy to answer these, and many others:

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